BlackBerry is looking for BBM users to share their most memorable #BBMoments


Do you have a favorite BBM moment that you want to share with world? Well BlackBerry has just let us know, starting today BBM users can share their most memorable #BBMoments for a chance to have it featured on the Inside BlackBerry Blog. BlackBerry will be selecting the funniest, most interesting, romantic, productive #BBMoments and with a few extra details from you, they will create a great feature story on Inside BlackBerry.

To share you most memorable #BBMoments all you have to do is leave a comment at the Inside BlackBerry Blog and then each week BlackBerry will select the ones they want to make a feature story. If you are ready to join in on the fun but aren’t sure what to say just search #BBMoments on Twitter and get some ideas.

Here is what Jeff Gadway had to say on Inside BlackBerry Blog:

We know that BBM is a big part of your life. You send a BBM in the moment to be funny, romantic, productive, vent your frustrations, get directions, close an important deal, send a picture or just to say “Hi” to someone you’re thinking about. It keeps you connected to the people that matter and up to date on the moments of their lives. With BBM, you own the moment – whether it’s a Rockstar moment, that awkward moment or your big Romeo moment – you can share your best moments in seconds by updating your display picture, status message or just sending a message to a contact.

In honor of all the #BBMoments in your life, we want you to share them with us! Tell us the time when nothing but BBM would do, when you were too shy to say it out loud, when you just had to be mobile but not leave the conversation. That time you may or may not have accidentally sent the wrong message to Aunt Edna, or forgot your lunch and caught your colleagues just before they left for sushi. We want you to share them with us.

We know what you’re thinking though: What’s in it for you? Other than the sharing of warm and fuzzy feelings, we’ll select the funniest/most interesting/romantic/productive #BBMoments each week and with a few extra details from you, we’ll create a great feature story right here on Inside BlackBerry. Want to see what others are sharing? Just search #BBMoments on Twitter to get some ideas, then start us off in the comments below – and share your #BBMoments with us!

Be sure to hit up the comments below and let us know if you are planning to share your #BBMoments with BlackBerry.