BlackBerry ID and Beta Zone Integration Now Live

BlackBerry ID integration with BlackBerry Beta Zone is now live.

What this means is that a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone can now log in to Beta Zone with the BlackBerry ID that is set up on that users phone.  The process of connecting the BlackBerry ID email with the BlackBerry Beta Zone ID is seamless, after clicking on a users end agreement.

Here are some BlackBerry ID facts regarding the Beta Zone:

What is BlackBerry ID?

BlackBerry ID (BBID) is your single sign-in to BlackBerry sites, services, and applications. BBID gives you access to BlackBerry App WorldBlackBerry ProtectBlackBerry Beta Zone, and other BlackBerry sites, while only having to remember a single username and password. Your BlackBerry experience has never been easier!

How do I get a BlackBerry ID?

Any BlackBerry user can easily register for a BBID by visiting Simply click the Register for a BlackBerry ID button to get started!

Do I need to confirm my BlackBerry ID email?

We may need you to confirm your BlackBerry ID email if it does not match an email we currently have on file. You can easily do so by clicking the link in the email you received right after registering your BlackBerry ID.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, you can request a new one by visiting the BlackBerry ID account management site here: Simply click the “Confirm my email” link on the Account Details page, and a new email will be sent to you right away.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, please check your spam or bulk email folders

How do I sign in to BlackBerry Beta Zone with my BlackBerry ID?

On the BlackBerry Beta Zone login page, click Sign In. You will be transferred to the BlackBerry ID page to sign in to your account, and then returned to BlackBerry Beta Zone immediately after.

Existing Beta Zone users:

  • If your confirmed BlackBerry ID username/email matches your current Beta Zone username/email, your accounts will be linked seamlessly and you will be taken right to the Beta Zone Home Page.
  • If your confirmed BlackBerry ID username/email does not match your current Beta Zone username/email, you will be given an opportunity to log in with your old Beta Zone credentials to link your accounts. Once you have linked the accounts, you will be taken directly to the Beta Zone Home Page and we will update your contact email right away!

New Beta Zone users will simply need to provide a small amount of additional information to create their Beta Zone profile. Click New User after logging in with your BlackBerry ID to complete the application process.

Click Here for BlackBerry Beta Zone