BlackBerry Cyclone now listed on eBay – limited quantity available


It was only just two days ago since we posted images of the very rare BlackBerry Cyclone, an set top box that was originally meant to compete with the likes of Apple TV, is now listed on eBay.

The BlackBerry Cyclone never made it to the stores and neither did the device receive any packaging and labeling. According to the eBay user “noventa708”, what you see is what you’re going to get and you won’t find this particular device anywhere – not even additional pictures to what he has posted (and what “leaked” the other day).

The device was never completed in terms of production and software and glitches are present, but if you fancy making a bid for the device, the BlackBerry Cyclone will cost you an approximate of $226.35 with just under 5 days of bidding time left. Lord knows what that price might end up being.

Check out the eBay listing for the BlackBerry Cyclone