BlackBerry Classic now available for purchase from Verizon Wireless


Okay all you Verizon customers out there our time is FINALLY here, the BlackBerry Classic is now available for purchase through their website. Unfortunately if you are one of those folks that like to touch it before you buy it then you will need to wait until March 5th when it actually arrives in the stores. We have the full pricing structure for you to check out below.

If you sign a two contract the price is $149.99, but you will receive a $50 mail in rebate card which is an online promotion. For those of you that may be interested in the Verizon Edge program the Classic will run $16.66 a month (for 24 months with zero down). Last but not least, if you just want to buy it outright that will run you $399.99. If you do order online they will begin shipping to customers on March 5th.

Also keep in mind you can grab the device with or without a camera. Just note that the pricing is the same either way. To purchase your BlackBerry Classic just head on over to the Verizon Wireless website now.

Be sure to hit up the comments and let us know, are you plan on buying on online or will you be waiting untill they arrive in the store?