BlackBerry Blend updated on BlackBerry Beta Zone


A small number of BlackBerry Beta Zone users have been notified of a BlackBerry Blend update. BlackBerry Blend was last updated in Dec 2014 on BlackBerry World, so this update is more than welcome. This update brings visual changes as well as user enhancements and naturally, bug fixes. The new update (v1.2.0.34) brings changes to the app including the BlackBerry Blend Dashboard on the Desktop.


  • Updated navigation panel for moving between Blend apps much quicker
  • Completely redesigned Dashboard view (still in development)
  • Ability to disable the Hub notification telling you when Blend is connected
  • New home screen ribbon iconshowing when Blend is connected
  • Improved instant previews and in-line alerts
  • New File Transfer Status section for monitoring file transfers
  • Portrait mode support on tablets
  • Many performance improvements

Having just seeing the app in my “Eligible programs” list, the update is working quite fine for now and I haven’t come across any bugs as of yet. I don’t think I’m a fan of the new Dashboard, however. Again, it is presumed that this is a limited beta so if you’re one of the lucky ones to have received this update, let us know how it’s running for you!