More BlackBerry Blend images appear, showing BBM via BlackBerry Blend on Desktop



BlackBerry Blend won’t be officially unveiled until BlackBerry has launched OS 10.3. However,  that hasn’t stopped eager people with more privileges than others to share some information, including pictures of the unreleased, unannounced, upcoming BlackBerry killer feature, BlackBerry Blend. 

Initially, BlackBerry Blend was thought to be a web-based feature which will allow users to manage their BlackBerry 10 devices from any device which has a browser capabilities. A screenshot below suggests BlackBerry is developing a BlackBerry Blend desktop for your PC. Recent leaks include a video demonstrating being able to chat via the browser using BBM, or sending and receiving SMS and sending files to and from the mobile device.

The screenshot below shows off a chat via BBM via BlackBerry Blend, whilst this looks more like the BlackBerry Blend desktop app, (in which this may replace BlackBerry Link), you can see BlackBerry is working on bringing the BlackBerry 10 experience on your Desktop, wherever you are.


Thanks to DHabkirk at @DHabkirk at C0001DB0D and KPO at his channel: C00019CAE for the images.

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