BlackBerry announces the cross-platform BlackBerry Experience Suite

BlackBerry Experience Suite

BlackBerry announced today a suite of software that will bring productivity, communication, and security apps to iOS, Android, and Windows for a cross-platform BlackBerry experience.

The BlackBerry Experience Suite will be made up of the Productivity Suite, Communication & Collaboration Suite, and Security Suite. The Productivity Suite brings much of what makes BlackBerry 10 unique to other platforms – the Hub unified inbox, calendar and contacts apps, Documents to Go, keyboard, and universal search.

The Communication & Collaboration Suite includes the already-available BBM, in addition to BBM Meetings and BBM Protected. It also covers WorkLife split-billing between work and personal lines, and SecuSUITE secure data transmission, as well as global support from BlackBerry.

The last of the bundles, the Security Suite, packs BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12, VPN authentication, Secure Work Spaces, BlackBerry Blend, Password Keeper, and Enterprise Identity for managing cloud-based enterprise apps.

“We will continue to look for opportunities to broaden our software footprint in the market,” says BlackBerry CEO John Chen. “Our goal is to be wherever our users need and want us, with our software suites, whether that’s on an iPhone or a BlackBerry Classic.” Each individual suite will be available to purchase separately, or they can all be purchased together as part of the BlackBerry Experience Suite.

The suite is expected to be available later this year. More details are likely to be announced during BlackBerry’s Mobile World Congress presentation on Tuesday.

Source: Inside BlackBerry Blog