BlackBerry and T-Mobile in discussions to sell BlackBerry devices again


BlackBerry and T-Mobile are in talks to rekindle their relationship. The two companies did not renew their contract in 2014 which resulted in a promo run by T-Moble that enticed existing BlackBerry users on T-Mobile to jump ship to the iPhone, which CEO of BlackBerry John Chen to condem the actions made by  However, according to T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere, the two companies are in discussion which should result in T-Mobile re-selling BlackBerry devices to customers once again. In a stream via YouTube where T-Mobile discussed their quarterly results, T-Mobile’s CEO commented on the BlackBerry situation in which he specifically said the two were in talks and both T-Mobile and BlackBerry fans “want to see us do something together.”, he also ended with how optimistic he was regarding the outcome of the discussion between the two companies.

Whether T-Mobile reached over to BlackBerry or if it was the other way around, this bodes quite well for BlackBerry as I’m sure they would love as much exposure in the States to push BlackBerry’s two latest offerings, the BlackBerry Classic and the BlackBerry Passport. Maybe John Legere wants his own custom BlackBerry Passport too?

Source: YouTube