BlackBerry and 7Digital Partner Up, Launching New Music Service Soon


It’s been reported that BlackBerry and 7Digital have partnered up and  is set launch a new music service. This comes after 7Digital’s share price took a dip when BlackBerry announced its former music and video catalog would be taken out of the BlackBerry World app store.

The new deal, estimated at £1m-plus will offer BlackBerry customers a music service through August 2015. It will be a win-win situation as  BlackBerry users will be able to access the music service and 7Digital will handle all music sales rather than sharing them, turning all of the profits to 7Digital.

“We are pleased to have agreed new terms with BlackBerry to provide its users with access to music,” said Simon Cole, chief executive of 7digital. “This arrangement ensures both the continuation of our relationship with BlackBerry and our ability to sell music to its users.”


So if you’re worried about not being able to access and purchase music from the BlackBerry storefront worry no more. It looks like Chen and co. are doing everything possible to make this work because BlackBerry, is here to stay.