BlackBerry 10 Will Sync to Outlook Through USB Soon

For those of you that have been wondering where the ability to sync your contacts and calendars on your BlackBerry Z10 and Outlook through your USB Ty over at BlackBerry has confirmed that this convenient feature is coming through BlackBerry Link soon.Here is what Ty had to say about it over at the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

Hi it’s Ty from BlackBerry.

We want to thank you for your feedback and to let you know that we are listening.

Some of you on this thread are asking how to sync PIM data between your BlackBerry Z10 and computer in general. Others just want to do this directly between the phone and computer. We want to address both here.

With BlackBerry 10 the syncing of PIM data between your BlackBerry Z10 and computer can be easily configured to happen over the air.  You need to add your existing webmail accounts on the BlackBerry Z10 and set the email, contacts, calendar for syncing. We have posted information on how to do this for example with on the Help Blog.

For those of you for whom over the air synchronization is not an option, we want to assure you that direct sync via USB is also being worked on and we are committed on adding this capability as part of our BlackBerry Link software suite. Our first major update for BlackBerry Link coming in the next few weeks will include the ability to import contact and calendar information directly from Outlook to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Full two-way sync will be added in the next update shortly thereafter. We will provide more information about timing of these features on our various forums and blogs, but you can also look for updates at

Let us know in the comments, do you sync your BlackBerry through USB or some other method? I’m still old school and just use the USB cables.

Source: BerryReview