BlackBerry 10 NOT Coming to the PlayBook, Another BlackBerry 7 Device Coming This Year


Thorsten Heins spoke earlier this morning during the BlackBerry Q1 2014 earnings call. He did say some key details regarding BlackBerry’s future of devices and the PlayBook tablet.

One more BlackBerry 7 device will be coming this year in 2013, for those international users dependent on the BIS, also was quoted as halting the development of BlackBerry 10 coming to the PlayBook tablet.

Heins is focused solely on BlackBerry 10 smartphone devices, the BlackBerry 10 OS on the PlayBook has been put on hold, for now, we may never see it.

With only 100,000 PlayBook shipped in the first quarter, it has been clear that Heins is not focused on the tablet industry.

More to come..