BlackBerry 10 App Wednesday, Check out this week’s top games and apps!

App Wednesday

Another week of BlackBerry App Wednesday powered by BlackBerry, October 16th edition, check out the top apps and games for BlackBerry 10 below.

Highlights of the Week:

FilmOn Live TV Free, the world’s largest over-the-top provider of free live TV, is now available on BlackBerry 10 devices. For access to content from hundreds of broadcasters and premium content providers worldwide, head over to BlackBerry World today and download FilmOn Live TV.

This week another terrific BlackBerry exclusive title, Ablative Air, is now available on BlackBerry World. This unique and beautiful game complies with the Built for BlackBerry program, so users can expect fast-paced and complex action with the signature BlackBerry 10 experience. Check out BlackBerry World today to download Ablative Air.

With ORBIT, weather never looked so good. Navigate the globe to view weather conditions for 1,700+ cities, track cloud patterns using NASA and NOAA satellite cloud imagery, view local times, and do it all via an immersive and beautiful 3D global landscape.  The app looks and feels native, but is actually powered by web technologies – this is WebGL at its finest. ORBIT can be downloaded today in BlackBerry World.


Now Available on BlackBerry 10: 


News & Magazines:

  • GQ Pocket (Conde Nast de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.) 


Business & Productivity:


Here are the top ‘must-haves’ apps according to our BlackBerry developers:

  1. A-10 Tank Buster Pro (James Robertson) “This amazing flight simulator game has some of the highest quality graphics and sound effects.”
  1. Alien Hive (Appxplore Sdn Bhd) “Collect and breed aliens in this addictive puzzle game!”
  1. Cargo Chaos (Considerable Content Pty Ltd) “Your cargo is as unpredictable as it is unsecured. In this game, organize the load to make it as stable as you can then throw health and safety overboard as you sail international waters.”
  1. Herrle’s Country Farm Market (Herrle’s Country Farm Market) “If you’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, you NEED to check out this place! The Herrle’s Country Farm Market app tells you the harvest schedule so you don’t miss out on your favorite produce!”

For a look at all BlackBerry 10 apps, head to BlackBerry World.