BlackBerry leaked for all BlackBerry 10 devices


OS has appeared on the servers which means another OS is available for users to load onto their precious BlackBerry 10 devices. Whilst INSIDE BlackBerry informed us of pending update, update files have appeared prematurely. 

As per usual, these are upgrade files which include the Debrick, Core OS and Radio which you will need to create autoloaders for. Once autoloaders have been created, I will update this post accordingly. If this is your first time loading 10.3.2 onto your device, you can expect new features such as previously mentioned earlier today

Please note, this is not the official OS update and some features may or may not work as expected. In saying that, the last couple of 10.3.2 builds have been extremely smooth without many (or any) bugs. Again, neither BlackBerry or BlackBerry Empire is responsible for what happens to your device when loading this OS.

Download OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices.