BGT Loco Purple Theme Makes you Loco for Your BlackBerry Phone

As if we aren’t crazy enough about our BlackBerry and our addictions to themes, along comes BerryGoodThemes and adds to the craziness! Loco Purple is the first of several colors so you can go crazy in any color you’d like. And since purple is my favorite color, this theme caught my interest fast.

Default home screen for Loco Purple by BGT.

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The default wallpaper is so good, I might use this theme the way it is! Me. Queen of wallpapers. But look at the COLOR. A true purple, the scrolling icon dock has all simple squared icons in a custom black style. Scroll across your screen until you find the icon you want out of the 13 that display. Or if you feel like changing that wallpaper, hide the dock with ESC. (Show it again with SPACE.) The time and date are plain and simple, and easily read by older eyes. Smile; you’re not as young as you think! Someday soon, you will be looking for a simple, easy-to-use theme that tickles your color fancy. And here it is: Loco Purple.

User selected wallpaper with Loco Purple home screen and dock showing.
User selected wallpaper with Loco Purple and dock hidden.

Look at that home screen. Nothing to obstruct your vision of the wallpaper. Hit Space if you need the dock, or go straight to the app screen. Easy to read and, oh yes…purple!

The focus icon on the apps screen is white. The dialogue boxes throughout the theme are the same lovely purple shade as the home screen wallpaper. If you are a fan of purple, you should be using this theme! The color scheme is carried throughout masterfully. As someone who wears something purple everyday, I am a good judge of color; if I do say so myself. Bravo, BGT!

Loco Purple app screen

Now, because there is no weather or OCD slot, you will need an app that displays the weather on the home screen if you require that. Some of my screen shots show BerryWeather (purchased separately) on the home screen to add functionality. The notification bar on the theme allows for a number of indicators, the signal indicator in the bottom right corner takes you to Manage Connections, and the Profile icon up top takes you to Sound Profiles.

The calling screens, and the highlight for the menus are all various shades of purple. (Did I mention that I love purple?) I can only imagine that BlackBerry users will want this beauty in their own favorite color; I think I saw on Twitter that blue and pink are in the works. I can’t say for sure; but with all the wallpapers I have to showcase, I might want this in several colors just to feel coordinated.

Loco Purple with user selected wallpaper

Another nice feature that is sometimes missing from many premium themes is the ability to use your own font with the theme. Some of us have Font App Collection and like to set fancy fonts that are of a pleasing size, and Loco allows you to take full advantage of your fonts. Nothing ruins a premium theme faster than a tiny, microscopic font. No worries here.

BGT has their themes available from their blog or from our very own BBE Mobihand store. OS6 READY FOR 9780, 9700, 9650, 9330, 9300
OS5 READY FOR 9700, 9650, 9630, 9000, 8900, 8530, 8520
Pick up Loco Purple for only $2.99 and start rocking the purple in crazy Loco style.

User selected wallpaper for home screen of Loco Purple by BGT