best139 Design’s new theme gives you a Windows feel with WM7Berry for your OS7 BlackBerry

So, having recently tried Oberry7 by the same developer and loving it, I knew when this one came out I would have to have it. best139 Design is breaking the mold with default OS7 themes and making them as custom as you can get at the moment. I for one, will be glad to see more themes like this. WM7Berry provides you with multiple screen options, with different panels, layout and feel. It gives you all the information you need, just by swiping and tapping. Hidden dock, today, media panel, and plenty more, continue on with me and let’s see all the goodies!

Default Home Screen

The main screen as I call it, has a nice large clock, on the bottom left, with the date just above. All your other information, including custom signal and battery meters are placed along the bottom. Nice right? Different from the default layout.. But wait..Touch the top part of the screen and it takes you to QuickLaunch. Touch the bottom left and you get manage connections. Touch the bottom right and you get options. And yes, touch the clock, for well the clock. Now how cool is that?? Ok, now touch the arrows at the top right of the screen…

2nd screen with panels
Media panel opened

And voila…another screen with 5 panels: Clock, App 1 (I use BerryWeather there), Media, Phone, and Today with 2 calendar entries. All but the App 1 panel are fixed. I’m really liking the look that this theme provides. It’s new for OS7, and feels like you have a new phone. I love some of the other OS7 themes I have, but this one just gives you more. And who doesn’t like more?

While still in the 2nd panel screen, the media plan opens up to give you complete access to your media folder. This is not only a cool feature, but needed as TB6 does not allow for folder items to show on OS7 themes. So this option solves that bug. For any other folder items you may need, you will have to move them to your all screen to be able to see the icon. An inconvenience yes, but something I’m willing to do for a custom theme and all the other features. Ok, now touch the arrow at the top right again..

3rd screen with vertical dock

You will come to the 3rd screen which holds icons for slots 2-8. Again a simple look, with the icons shown vertically. So with all 3 screen options, you can choose what suits you the best. It’s all about options, and this one has it. Scroll back with the arrows to take you to any of the other screens.

App Screen

Of course you can still hit the menu button and get to your app screen. On my device the background is the default landscape, and the icons are custom. Nice little squares with the pic of the app within them. Which are seen throughout the theme.

Home Screen with user wallpaper

What can I say? This theme is as custom as you can get without TB7. You’re going to love all the options. And the fact that it’s different.
best139 Design is making things work. It runs very smooth, and no phone issues. Does it have a bug or 2? Yes. But as I said, not major, and I can live with them. As long as it doesn’t affect the performance of my phone, I’m all for it. And you should be too. Who knows when TB7 will be out. So in the mean time, enjoy what we have and appreciate what developers are giving us. WM&Berry by best123 Design is well worth the $4.99 price tag, and you can get it here at the BBE Store, for 99xx, and 98xx OS7.