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Ok. Let’s have a straight talk about the future and smartphones.

We are gradually moving towards more of our day, and more of our data, residing on our phones. It is a short order of time before financial transactions will be done by touching your phone to a pay station of some type, and the ability to do this with data between devices already exists.

Some of us are entering into this world with a false sense of security. There are those of us that understand that security is not a young man’s game. A company/person, defending themselves for a long time will be much better at it than a company/person who has none of that experience. It is like anything else in life. The more you do it, the better you are and the more you know. Apple has not had the issues that Microsoft has but then again Apple represents less than 4% of the Operating Systems in the world, so isn’t really a target like the dominant OS’s are. Android is even less experienced and to top it off, has an OS that is open. Free to the hardware manufacturers. Free to people writing apps. Those apps may not always be friendly.

You may be touching phones with that guy with the malicious app.

A business that has a pay station may have something running on it that tries to gather information when you make your payment.

We really don’t know what the future holds. We have to make decisions based on what we know today.

We know that using our smartphone to pay is on the roadmap, and not that far down the road.

We do know that Visa chose BlackBerry for its mobile payment solutions.

We know that BlackBerry has been securing its products since the company was formed.

We know what the majority of fortune 500, and Government agencies use. The ones that need to control their data, and secure it. They use BlackBerry.
We also know that more of our computers are moving into our mobile devices. My phone is my gateway into my data, internally and in the cloud. In my mind, knowing what I know about the present, and the past, I can make some pretty good speculations about the future.

There will be more attempts to hack into devices. More people messing around with security settings and creating malicious software. More companies trying to gather information about you so that they can target you with advertising and marketing.

There will be more of your information being carried on your phone.

Credit card numbers.

Client lists.

Financial information and access.

Pictures of your kids.

Your address.

You think that ID theft is bad now? Make most of your stuff electronic and see how the game changes. See how someone doesn’t need to steal your wallet to steal your ID.

If you think that iPhones or Android has the level of security that BlackBerry has, then you obviously don’t work in the tech industry.
I’m not going to quote the stats as you can Google that yourself. I am stating one of the core principals of my company. Privacy and data security. Both for ourselves and our customers. We have used BlackBerry devices from the beginning because of that. Yes, BlackBerry devices that shouldn’t still be working, but continue to message and communicate securely even with ancient equipment. We communicate effortlessly using BBM, groups, and email. Our devices are secure, from PlayBooks to outdated Curves. My family also uses BlackBerries. Our calendars are synched, and my kids could drop into a business environment effortlessly.

If playing games and having access to almost a million apps is what your priorities are, then iPhone and Android have a lot to offer. Something you might find this interesting.

More than 60% of the apps in the App Store have never been downloaded. Not once. If you are looking for a flashlight app, there are a total of 1,899 choices. This information from Adeven who does data gathering on app information.

If security and protection take top priority moving into the dangerous digital future, then there is no question whose device you should be using. It sure doesn’t hurt that they just released the coolest phone on the market…the BlackBerry Z10. This way I feel safe, and finally have the slickest operating system and interface ever seen on a phone.

Best of both worlds.

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