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Best Business Apps

The number of apps and websites available to help people with pain management is growing. Pain specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg has recently released an infographic showcasing the top pain-management apps that can be for personal or professional use.

Dr. Sudberg is a pain management specialist at the Caraway Clinic in Norman, Oklahoma. He received his medical degree from Oklahoma State University and then completed an internship at Lincoln Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. He completed his residency at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 2005 and has practiced medicine since.

His treatment philosophy is to treat patients as individuals with unique needs and struggles. He believes that involving the whole family in the treatment process is essential to achieving the best patient outcomes. Dr. Sudberg also offers comprehensive wellness lectures and teaches at Oklahoma State University Medical School. He focuses on chronic pain management, family medicine, obstetric anesthesia, and working in rural or third-world countries.

According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg best apps used for business are:

1. Headmaster (Health)

This practical app uses biofeedback technology to engage users actively. It trains you to control your natural responses to stress and pain and can lower the amount of pain you feel through the “power of thought.” This app can help anyone, from chronic pain patients to new mothers and those dealing with PTSD.

2. Headspace (Health)

A meditation app for beginners, Headspace, was created by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk. It features 10-minute guided meditations designed to help you get to sleep, relax and reduce stress.

3. Muse (Health)

The creators of the Muse claim that within minutes of using this brain-sensing headband, your mind will begin to quiet down, thus improving overall mental wellness. The device is aimed at athletes and fitness buffs who want to push themselves.

4. The Art of Procrastination (Productivity)

Procrastination can be a massive distraction to productivity, but the Art of Procrastination app is explicitly designed to get you to stop procrastinating. This app offers specific tips, tricks, and advice on overcoming your tendency to put things off until tomorrow. You will understand how to organize your tasks following your current personality and build good habits that you can use for years.

5. AlertMe (Health)

This app is also known as “the mental health alarm. It sends you a notification every time you have a negative thought and triggers a distraction, such as working out, walking, or listening to music.

6. Medic (Health)

Medic aims to improve patient management by keeping track of your most frequently consulted symptoms, allergies, and illnesses. It links with your smartphone calendar and could help remind you of upcoming doctor’s appointments.

7. MindBody (Health)

MindBody is a meditation app that features guided meditation sessions. The same people behind Headspace created it, and the app offers the same meditation exercises for beginners.

8. Space (Productivity)

This product allows you to create customized spaces with different colors, pictures, and sounds. You can also adjust timer settings, modify your work area and track files from anywhere in the world without Wi-Fi or any Internet access.

Many people are interested in learning about pain management, but there are many other ways to become a more knowledgeable person. As you explore these websites, you will learn about technology, meditation, and even personal development.