BeBuzz 10 Pro LED app comes out of beta with headless support and more

wpid52041-Bebuzz1.pngBeBuzz 10 Pro finally comes out of beta and is now available in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices, the app now includes headless support and a few other goodies.

There are quite a few headless LED apps out there such as Power Tools and HUB++, I have been using HUB++ for quite some time now and is my personal favorite, I will however be giving BeBuzz 10 Pro a test drive.

Features for BeBuzz 10 Pro:

  • Added headless support (may now close the app and allow BeBuzz to run in background)
  • Added support for calendar events/reminders
  • Added 30 more LED color combinations
  • Now detects your device’s notifications profile (normal, silent, all alerts off etc) and mutes LED, sound, vibrates accordingly
  • Removed popups (due to incompatibility with headless support; please revert to BB10 native toast notifications)
  • Removed silent mode switch (replaced by native profile detection support)

Download BeBuzz 10 Pro, available for $2.99 and free to upgrade for those who have previously purchased it.