BBT’s MetroUI a New Way to Interface with Your BlackBerry Phone

BBT has released a new theme that features all of the customization we have come to expect from one of their themes. MetroUI is sleek and fast and you can change the theme to fit your mood as you wish.

MetroUI default home screen

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The version I am using is the one with custom icons. The icons are small, round and white on black. That alone makes them sexy-looking. However, the vertical dock only adds to their appeal. There are 7 user customizable icons that fit on the dock and they are large enough to be seen and understood without taking up too much screen real estate. Of course, you can always hide the dock if you want to.

MetroUI with dock visible

The most obvious feature is the clock widget in the lower corner of the screen. The widget contains the date, OCD slot, profiles icon and signal meters, and they are all shortcuts to other features of operation. You can hide the OCD slot if you would like and that will save you some room. In my screen shots, I have BeWeather in the OCD slot usually. (BeWeather sold separately.) The widget background is a solid black. A more transparent background would help to open up the wallpaper but if you choose a black-based wallie, you are all set.

MetroUI shows off the dark wallpapers in your collection

At the top, the notification bar goes across the entire screen, allowing for many different notification icons.  The app screen is solid black and the focus icon is a simple white box that surrounds your icon. Menus are a lighter grey color and text is white. The high contrast makes it the easiest theme to use as far as eyesight goes.

MetroUI with OCD slot visible and dock hidden

The fun comes into play when you use the settings panel from your home screen. Scroll all the way down the vertical dock and you will see a cog-like icon pop up. Click on it and you have the settings panel shown in the screen shot. The BG means if you check the box, you can use any of the colors listed as your wallpaper. If you choose accent, the highlights in your theme change to any of those colors. Here is where you find the option to turn off the OCD slot and lock or unlock the icon dock. By unlocking the dock, it will hide when you scroll off of it on the home screen. If you check the box, the dock stays in view.

MetroUI options panel

MetroUI is a theme that will stay in my rotation for a long time as it allows for customization and personal preference and still has great functionality. Here is the home screen pictured with highlights changed to pink.

MetroUI with pink highlights

The shortcuts available on this theme also make it quite functional. Use 0 to open that Options panel and 3 to open the Today panel. Also you may click the notification bar and the Today panel opens as well.
Here are some other shortcuts:
(Spacebar) Opens icon in weather slot
(L) Profiles
(K) Calendar
(O) Options
(M) Messages
($) SMS
(@) Manage Connections

There are a few other home screen shortcuts:  the time opens the clock options, profile icon opens Profiles, signal opens Manage Connections, and date opens Calendar. That’s a lot of functionality right from your home screen! And all packed into a theme with high contrast that can be easily seen by anyone.

MetroUI looks great in black and white

The call screens are also entirely re-vamped and look amazing! Take my word for it, you’re going to want to make calls just to look at that screen. MetroUI is on sale at Mobihand for $5.99. I know that’s a big price but this theme is worth it. You will definitely get your use out of it for the price being that you can customize it, too.
MetroUI is available for the following devices: 93xx, 9800, 9650, 9700, 9780 running OS6.

Also coming is a version of MetroUI using OS7 icons instead of the custom ones seen here.

MetroUI with user wallpaper