BBM Protected and BBM Meetings bring enhancements in a new update

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In addition to the BBM update, BBM Protected and BBM Meetings have been updated, adding enhancements which further improves the BBM experience in the Enterprise world. 

Starting today, BBM Protected will introduce “BBM Protected Cloud Directory Service”. In other words, if in your office building, you don’t have a fellow colleague on your contact list, BBM Protected Cloud Directory Service will allow you to start a conversation, providing your IT Admin turns the IT Policy on.

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And unlike consumer instant messaging apps that leave little control capabilities for IT Admins, BBM Protected offers simple deployment and multi-OS management via a single, cloud-based console with Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry Admin Console.

In addition to the BBM Cloud Directory Service IT Policy, BBM Protected now offers two additional management controls:

  1. BBM Protected Wipe Data’: this IT Policy enables IT Admins to increase control over corporate data by having the ability to remotely wipe all BBM activity including: Contacts, Chats, Groups, Channels, and BBM Protected encryption and signing keys. The user retains ownership for their BBID credentials for future use. With a range of device deployment models in any given organization where some devices may be corporately-owned and some BYOD, having the ability to remotely wipe corporate data ensures IT Admins have the peace of mind that corporate data will not be left vulnerable when an employee departs an organization.
  2. BBM Protected Disable BBM Channels’: this IT Policy gives IT Admins the flexibility to turn off BBM Channels by user, which controls content access for users in their organization.

BBM Protected gives organizations all the productivity benefits of instant messaging, with the management and control that IT Admins are looking for. When security is paramount, BBM Protected is the ideal solution. It delivers an instant messaging service with enterprise-grade encryption along with the full feature set of a consumer IM app: one-on-one, multi-person, and Group chats, as well as file share and BBM Voice calls for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices.

This update has started rolling out today, and may take up to a couple of days to be pushed to your device.

Source: INSIDE BlackBerry BizBlog

It doesn’t stop there!

BBM Meetings has also received a significant update, bringing the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Mac. This will allow you to add a BBM Meeting on your Mac as you would with your smartphone. The Plug-In is coming soon and more information can be found here. BBM Meetings now also supports the iPad. In particular, BBM Meetings for the iPad features a whiteboard, allowing you to brainstorm some visuals with your colleagues over the air. More information on that can be found here

Source: INSIDE BlackBerry BizBlog