BBM Connected Games Now Integrated for Android BBM Users

wayang jump

BlackBerry let us know that its BBM Connected service is now integrated to support Android users who are running BBM. With BBM Connected, users can interact, share achievements and send game currency to BBM contacts.

Currently, BBM Connected Games has rolled out 3 games which can be download for free to users on Android running BBM. Check below for a list of the 3 games currently supporting the integration. if you want play this on android then you need to follow this guide Remote Play PS4 Android | PS4 Remote Play APK 2019 Download

Altermyth Daruma Fever – Slide the beads to match the colors and stack more combos for higher scores.

Altermyth DeceaZed – You are a Sniper with a mission to provide cover fire to the human survivors from the zombies. Buy and upgrade your weapons to kill the stronger zombies.

BinaryWorks Wayang Jump – Navigate your Wayang around obstacles and accumulate points to jump as high as you can, all by moving and tilting your device. Recognize this Wayang? The characters are drawn from the Indonesian BBM Sticker Pack Wayang.

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Via InsideBlackBerry