BBM Beta for Windows Phone receives yet another update, bringing more bug fixes and improvements!


BBM Beta for Windows Phone has received another update, bringing more improvements which include new changes to the Start Screen icon and improvements to the BBM experience overall. 

Having only just released week ago and receiving it’s first update 3 days ago, it looks like the BBM team are wasting no time in getting development of BBM for Windows Phone completed as soon as possible for public release.

Read the changelog below including known issues, how to install the app and how to provide feedback. Remember, you need to have your BBID whitelisted in order to run the app.

In This Build

The Start screen icon for BBM has been updated. Pin it to the top of your Start screen and let us know what you think!

Since the last beta build, we’ve focused on quality improvements and fixed many of the issues that you’ve raised to us. Some of the most common ones are below:

  • BBM crash when send a picture > 16MB
  • Group icon flickers every time a picture or picture comment is added to the group
  • Personal message really difficult to read on low-res screen
  • Contacts > Search now brings up the virtual keyboard and focuses input on the search box
  • Unable to see typing when keyboard is up
  • Takes almost twenty minutes to send a high quality picture

Known Issues

The following are known issues with this build:

  • Email invite from Windows Phone to BB10 phone shows up with raw HTML
  • In a complex chat, word spacing is off in BBM chat
  • Right-to-left language input not working within Windows Phone BBM
  • WiFi out of coverage Windows Phone doesn’t send queued invites/acceptances

Installing BBM

To load BBM on your Windows Phone, please follow these steps:

  • Tap the link below on your Windows Phone to go to app details inside the Store.

  • When prompted, tap the Install button.
  • BBM requires you to opt in to location services. When prompted, tap Accept.
  • BBM will begin downloading.

Once the download is complete, you can find your app in the app list.


Bug Reporting & Feedback

Please use our built in feedback system: Tap on “…” -> Settings -> about -> “report a problem”


  • Complete all of the fields and provide us with as much detail as you can to describe the issue.
  • After submitting a bug report, reply to the confirmation email with a screenshot showing the issue. For more information on screenshots click here.
  • Submit one bug report for each issue you are reporting

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