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We are already into July, heading into mid-summer and you know what that means. Summertime enjoyment,vacation and relaxation! Many of us spend our summers out traveling to vacation spots, concerts or to see family. Others spend summertime going out to the local bar and grill, movie theatre or shopping mall. Wherever you go, there is Poynt, a very neat app for BlackBerry that will get you to your destination. Poynt for BlackBerry is a one-stop, all-in-one local search tool. BBE fans are in luck because ninjasteeze has given us a a double dosage of videos this weekend. I woke up to wish the Ninja a good morning, and boy did he have breakfast served! ninjasteeze has produced and provided us with an incredible App review that is unmatched. The Poynt for BlackBerry review is very thorough and informative. Enough of me, Get your coffee and cookies out and enjoy!!

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Hey whats up BlackBerryEmpire fans! It’s me again, your neighborhood ninja, with an app review for ya! Todays pick: Poynt. Here is the quick video review:

Poynt is a one-stop, all-in-one local search tool. In my opinion, it is unmatched in options and capability. It’s also simply laid out with a gorgeous interface that’s fun to navigate.Once you’re all set with that, you’re ready to experience Poynt in all its Poynt-y glory!

Note: If you are like me and find the stock maps application to be not so appealing, I suggest you download the Google Maps application instead at

Upon starting Poynt up, it automatically works to find your location. For non GPS enabled BlackBerry device owners, don’t worry, it latches onto your cell location as well, so you should be good (just a tiny bit off in accuracy of your actual location, most times). If neither of those options are what you need, you can put in a location manually.The first thing we will explore here is the business search as well as the movie theatre locator.

Poynt is definitely a one-stop solution house. When you type in the type of business you’re in search of (eg. hardware store) results are produced in order of location, closest to farthest. Not only does Poynt find out where the nearest businesses of said type are, but one press of the trackball/trackpad brings all of your available options. Call them directly, save the location for later reference, map the individual listing, map a route to it from where you currently are, or map all of the listed business so that you can cycle through them in the map application. Also, add the location to your BlackBerry address book or email it to a friend!

Next we move onto Poynt’s movie find option, available from the applications home screen. When you find the theatre you want to visit just tap on the trackball/trackpad and up pop the options once again. Apart from the prior options, there are 3 that are unique to the movie finds. Movies playing, theatre details, and add favourite. Going deeper into what movies are playing at the location, you can also see what times movies are available, the rating, user ratings (stars), as well as runtime.

Also unique to the movie search is the ability to buy tickets, view trailers (at varied quality), as well as add the movie to your calendar for your own memory requirements or even to invite friends using the stock BlackBerry calendar. Got an hour and a half to kill until that movie? Let’s get something to eat! Not familiar with the area? Poynt has your back!


Finding a restaurant with Poynt is easy! Along with the overall options, you can even book reservations to restaurants with the use of Poynt. You can add a dinner at this restaurant to your calendar to, once again, invite your friends easily with the BlackBerry calendar or just check out the details of it to see if its someplace you’d like to go to. Let me (kris0521) add some to this section. The restaurant locator also provides you with address to the restaurant as well as the phone number so you can give them a call if you need to ask them a question or place a phone order. Displayed are the hours of operation as well as the type of restaurant it is. A very convenient thing is that it shows you a price range so you can know what to expect once it is time to pay the bill.

Now if the food gave you gas, I’m sorry to bring up this part, but you’ll need more… just a different kind. Poynt not only finds the gas stations for you, but also gives you plenty details about the gas station including the various gas prices.

Apart from all those, Poynt even helps you stalk people (I advise you do not stalk).

Poynt is supported by all carriers with support in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Spain and is available in the BlackBerry App World

Note: This is a GPS/location based app. When you are finished using it be sure to hit menu and close it, as well as go into Google Maps if it’s still open, hit menu, and EXIT to keep the app from unnecessarily eating your battery!

Hope this gave you some good insight BlackBerry lovers. Until next time,
Ninja vanish…

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