BB10 Countdown By Kisai Labs

The folks over at Kisai Apps, which developed the highly praised BlackBerry PlayBook Twitter client, Blaq , have provided a countdown clock for BlackBerry Smartphones for the day that BlackBerry 10 is released to the media.  Best of all, it updates a users BBM Avatar automatically, and it’s free.

January 30th, 2013 marks the day that BlackBerry 10 is released upon the masses with a large scale media event, prior to consumers being able to pick up the phones at mobile carriers later in February.  Celebrate this countdown with all BBM contacts via the BBM Avatar which automatically updates, counting down day by day till the media release.   The app itself has a countdown clock with falling snow, to help the user “get through winter” prior to the BlackBerry 10 launch date.

During testing, had a little problems trying to figure out how to get it to update my avatar automatically, but manually every day was a quite easy.  A little trial and error gets things working, but there are no clear instructions about how to get it to switch at night time.  The app runs very lightly in the background, and there are no memory leaks at all.

The Timer At This Stage Is A Mystery

In options at the bottom, there appears to be a timer for Show reminder/Prompt for Avatar , although the reviewer had no idea to do with this.  If there are any ideas please leave them in the comments below.  It would be nice to be able to have the avatar switch automatically, and also without a prompt to update the avatar every time.

The BB10 Countdown App is great for the BlackBerry devotee who can hardly wait for February to come to pick up one of the new BlackBerry 10 superphones.   Christmas is not nearly as exciting.

Download Kisai Labs BB10 Countdown App here from BlackBerry App World 

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