Auto-created Subfolders Now Available in Camera++ for BlackBerry

Camera++ is a popular camera application for BlackBerry smartphone owners and the developers have rolled out some bug fixes and a new feature for the app. The new feature automatically creates a folder when taking photos or recording videos, making life simpler for you.

What’s new in the latest version of Camera++ for BlackBerry :

  • Automatic sub-folders are now created for photos and videos using the following formats :
    • year
    • year.month
  • TheĀ image preview page orientation issue has been resolved.
  • A more conventional tap-to-select mode is now in use for onscreen settings.

Unfortunately, the application is not free, however, it isn’t pricey as well. You can pick it up from BlackBerry World for an affordable price tag of $2.99 US. Updating to get the new feature and bug fixes is absolutely free of charge.

You can update or download Camera++ for BlackBerry right now at BlackBerry World.