Add an Artistic Masterpiece to Your BlackBerry with Fuoco by samgbx

One of the most “artistic” of the theme developers, samgbx has released another gem: Fuoco. Fuoco is a simple, clean and professional-looking theme that is extremely wallpaper-friendly and easy to navigate.

Default home screen of Fuoco

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The theme is characterized by 6 permanent app icons at the top of the screen. These 6 apps are the most used for many BlackBerry owners, no doubt. You have Profiles, BBM, FaceBook, Twitter, Browser and Options.  The choice to place social media apps in the banner is a good one. It is only a problem if you don’t happen to use Twitter or FB. Some of us don’t. But the icon buttons are custom and tasteful and really add a classy look to the banner. It also is a godsend when using BBM-my most used app! Never have to leave the home screen to access the browser either.

Fuoco with user wallpaper

Another shortcut built into the theme is the Message shortcut. Scroll down to the notification bar and go directly to Messages inbox. The Clock also is a shortcut and in the lower right-hand corner the signal meter leads you to Manage Connections. All the icons used are custom and they lend themselves to almost any wallpaper. The icons are distinctive on the home screen; they are stark white on grey. The focus icon is a slight red box aroud the icon which is very tasteful and not showy or gaudy. The only touch of color on the home screen are the battery and signal meters, which are red circles in the lower corners. Any wallpaper you want to use will work nicely.

Fuoco with user wallpaper

The app screen is grey and the focus icon red. The menus are charcoal grey as well and the highlight is red. A wonderful contrast that allows for easy viewing and is a delightful departure from the default blue.The weather icon you see in my screen shots are Quick Weather (sold separately) as this theme does not have a weather slot.

App screen of Fuoco

Fuoco is a professional theme that will allow you to use your BlackBerry extremely efficiently while showing an artistic face to the rest of the world. If you want to experience this masterpiece, purchase and download the theme from our BBE Mobihand store here for only $.99.

Fuoco with user wallpaper