Add a Buena Vista to Your BlackBerry with viZio from Simple Design

Since OS7 and OS 7.1 users are still waiting for Theme Builder 7 to appear (where, oh where are you??), we have been biding our time with some excellent custom themes created by people not afraid to experiment. The one we are going to look at today is by Simple Design called ViZio and it allows the user a ton of options and tweaks to improve your BlackBerry vista and functionality.

viZio with user wallpaper. This is the home screen.

Vizio is the newest of several customizable themes by Simple Design. The theme features a banner at the top of the screen, a clock and weather slot which can be moved into any one of 6 different positions and changeable font colors. That’s a lot of customization for just one theme.

To place the custom items around your home screen, simply press the SPACE bar. Up pops a customization box which allows you to choose clock position, font color and banner color/no banner. After you choose your desired changes, simply hit ESC. You are able to choose 6 different clock positions all around the home screen. Also you may choose to have a banner or not and the color of the banner as well. And finally, you can choose to change the font color from white to purple to pink to blue to orange! I LOVE color!!

viZio app screen

The app screen features the same colorful wallpaper which is the default paper fot the theme. Since I always change mine, i didn’t even include a shot of the default. But let’s say that you could easily keep it and have a very stylish look to your BlackBerry.
The focus icon is a blue circle which makes it a snap to see over which icon you are rolling.

viZio with clock in a different position with user wallpaper.

The home screen, although it allows you much customization, is devoid of icons. But there is a shortcut to bring those icons to the forefront. Simply touch the top banner with the notifications and you will see some of the contents of the Media folder listed in text format, plus 5 icons of your own choosing and then some of the contents of the Application folder. This is done because without Theme Builder 7 you lose the ability to open any folders. All the icons are invisible. So Simple Design has made it “simple” for you to access those elusive icons.

viZio Home screen with the icon dock showing.

So you will have 10 shortcuts on the home screen and 5 icons of your own choosing simply by touching the top banner. Makes it easy to navigate your phone with minimal clicking. I love the clean look of this theme. Seems a very minimalistic one when you consider the clock and weather slot are the only things you need to see constantly. Need an icon? Touch the top banner and there are 15 shortcuts!

viZio menus are transparent and the highlights are blue

The transparent menus and the bright blue highlight lend more style to the theme. Users are able to set their own fonts, which is a big plus in my opinion. I can make the font as easy to read as I like and I can adjust the size as well.

viZio with colored banner and user wallpaper

So unlike the little kitten in this picture, you will never go wrong by choosing a theme by Simple Design. Creativity is a gift that keeps on giving and as you use this theme, you will discover how easy it is to use. I have no lag or battery drain using this theme either.  Look for viZio for the 99xx series, and for BlackBerry 9000, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9650, 9700, 9780 at mybbota or at AppWorld for $1.99 for a limited time. If you like customizations, if you like to change your view of the home screen, if you like color; then grab viZio by Simple Design.

viZio by Simple Design