5 Web Design Mistakes Most New Affiliates Make and How to Avoid Them

Joining an affiliate program is a great way to make extra money from your website. At the same time, it’s quite easy to underutilize your platform or miss out on certain benefits.

Don’t make the same mistakes everyone else is making! Keep reading to learn about five of the biggest mistakes that new affiliates make all the time.

1. Poor Optimization

You have three seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website. Take a moment to let that sink in.

If your website isn’t as fast as a flash of lightning, you’ll hemorrhage users and lose out on thousands of potential sales.

As you take a look at your site, here are a few things to think about:

  • Are your images optimized?
  • What’s your bounce rate?
  • Is your homepage informative enough?
  • Are there any redirects slowing your site down?

Tinkering with your site might not be your idea of fun, but it may be best for business.

2. No Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

Whether you’re running your affiliate site as a full-time job or as a side-hustle, you’ll need at least basic knowledge of SEO.

So what’s SEO and why do you need it? In short, SEO is the key to your site’s visibility.

By adhering to certain requirements, you can ensure that your site shows up at the top of a search engine. And since the first three results generate the most traffic, higher placement often translates to better sales.

3. Failing to be Transparent

We’re living in the age of transparency. People want to know not just what they’re buying, but who they’re buying it from.

According to one study, 90% of consumers will refuse to do business with a brand that they feel isn’t transparent.

Be open about your affiliate marketing. Let customers know that you’ll receive a kickback, for example, or which links are sponsored.

4. Prioritizing Sales Over User Experience

You want to make money with your affiliate site. That’s understandable. But you’ll rarely make a sale if people hate your website.

We’ve already talked a bit about optimization, but let’s talk about what a great UX looks like for a minute.

A great website is intuitive and fun to use. It provides clear answers to customer questions and addresses their pain points. Also, it should guide them through your sales funnel.

If you’re not sure how to design a UX, don’t worry, a lot of people don’t. But instead of risking it, consider outsourcing. Getting a human proof designs review, for example, gives your site a great UX while also implementing critical SEO features.

5. Choosing The Wrong Affiliate Program

It’s never a bad idea to double-check your affiliate program’s terms of agreement. If they’re unreasonable, there’s a good chance you’re not making as much as you could.

Never be afraid to see what else is out there.

New Affiliates: Don’t Fall Into These Common Traps

These common mistakes trip up new affiliates and keep them from reaching their full potential. Avoid these pitfalls at all costs.

For more information on building the best site possible, be sure to check back with our blog.