5 Things to Remember When Travelling Abroad on Business

You might be meeting a potential client to discuss your products, or presenting your proposal to a foreign company, indeed, there are many reasons why you might need to travel abroad on business. One thing is certain, you want to enjoy comfortable travel in a stress-free environment and have everything booked well in advance, and while a foreign business trip can be stressful, here are a few important aspects to ensure that your trip is both successful and enjoyable.

  1. Be Well Prepared – Doing business in a foreign country demands good preparation, with your business suits dry cleaned and well protected, ready for the all-important meetings. Make sure you have all the IT hardware and accessories you might need, including chargers and a memory stick that carries copies of all your presentations and handouts, and with top-quality luggage, your items will be safe and secure.
  2. Accommodation – It is important for several reasons to choose a comfortable hotel like the prestige Best Western Wanda Grand hotel in Bangkok, which offers luxury settings for an affordable price. Hunting for budget hotels should be left for holidays, as in a business environment, you need to be relaxed and without stress in very comfortable settings.
  3. Transit to and from the Airport – It is important that you enjoy hassle-free transit, and if that means using a taxi, that is the best way to ensure you arrive at your hotel in good shape. Some hotels will collect their guests from the airport, so it is worth enquiring when making a reservation, as this could solve your airport transfer issue. Don’t forget to book your homecoming airport transfer, which is every bit as important as the outward leg of your trip.
  4. Travel Insurance – Of course, you want to be covered for loss or damage of any of your personal possessions while abroad and don’t forget to include your IT equipment, such as laptop, tablet and smartphone. Health is another thing you should consider when abroad for any reason and with a comprehensive medical insurance policy, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are covered for every eventuality.
  5. Foreign Currency – You will need some local cash, even if you use your card most of the time, and you can either change a small amount at your home airport or when you land. Consider tips and small items like coffee and snacks, which are often required in the local currency. If you are planning to use your credit cards when abroad, you should notify the card company prior to leaving, as they sometimes put a block on a card used in a foreign country, which is a security provision.

With airport transfers at both ends and all your luggage carefully packed, you will have time to run through your presentations prior to the business meetings, plus it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research into your destination country, looking at customs and traditions that will help you during your travels.