5 Strangely Mouth-Watering Items on the McD’s Menu Around the World

There are nearly 35,000 McDonalds around the world, spread across 119 countries. 

While you’ll find classic burgers and french fries in every single one of those locations, depending on where you go, you might also notice a few anomalies on the local McD’s menu.

Keep reading to learn 5 mouth-watering items you’ll find at McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

1. Taro Pie

In the U.S., if you want dessert from McD’s, you might opt for an apple pie. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to choose from a seasonal variety, like custard or strawberry cream.

But in Hong Kong and China, McDonald’s patrons can enjoy a colorful alternative. Taro Pie, a deep-fried pastry filled with taro, is a neon-purple concoction that most Westerns will find confusing. But taro is a root vegetable that’s very popular in Asian cuisine.

In the pie, taro root is combined with a filling that’s supposed to resemble purple yam, which explains the color, though that ingredient isn’t actually in the pie.

2. Paprika Cheese Fries

In most McDonalds, your choice of toppings for your french fries are ketchup, mustard, or some extra salt. But in Egypt, diners have an entirely different option.

Paprika cheese fries are topped with a gooey cheese sauce that is infused with paprika, a popular staple in the region.

3. Purple McShake

If you were surprised to learn that somewhere in the world, McDonald’s is serving up pies filled with an oozing purple center, get ready. In Japan, you can order up a Purple McShake.

While the shake’s color is probably artificial, it’s inspired by the color of its main ingredient, Murasaki imo, a variant of the Japanese purple sweet potato. The root vegetable provides a savory taste that contrasts well with the sweet ice cream. 

The Purple McShake is far from Japan’s only interest shake flavor. You’ll also find peach, matcha, and Hokkaido melon on the menu.

4. Big Brekkie Burger

Looking for something different for breakfast besides your usual Egg McMuffin? Head down under.

In Australia, the McDonald’s menu includes the Big Brekkie Burger, a massive blend of the chain’s famous burger with a morning-meal twist. 

It starts with a classic toasted sesame seed bun, then adds an Aussie beef patty. The burger is then topped with a crispy hash brown, bacon, a fresh egg, cheese, and BBQ sauce for a savory, filling breakfast.

5. Pao de Queijo

Many of the unique items you’ll find on McDonald’s menus around the world are special twists on the restaurant’s classics. But in Brazil, you’ll find a snack food, unlike anything McDonald’s is serving elsewhere in the world. Instead, it’s inspired by one of the country’s favorite snack foods.

Pao de Queijo roughly translates to cheese bread. This baked roll is filled with cheese and eaten at meals or as a snack. It’s a staple in Brazilian culture, making it a popular addition to the fast-food chain’s menu.

The Most Mouthwatering Items on McD’s Menu

Depending on which city, country, or region you’re visiting around the world, the McD’s menu at your nearest restaurant might look just like the one closest to your home, or unlike any you’ve seen before.

There are plenty of reasons for this menu variety, but for the most part, it comes down to business. Unique creations allow the chain to target local consumers with the foods they want most.

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