4 Reasons Your Company Should Work with a Staffing Agency

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic plunged the world into a state of economic uncertainty. With businesses around the globe hit hard by restrictions and recessions, 2021 remains a challenging time to be a business owner.

To stay afloat and outperform your competitors, the most important thing you can do is create and maintain a strong team. More and more successful businesses are turning to staffing agencies to source the right candidates to help their businesses thrive. Here’s why…

1. You’re Time-Poor

Starting a new business or maintaining an existing one is extremely time-consuming. Often, you’ll be juggling a number of high-priority tasks at once. Thus, research has shown that one aspect of being a successful entrepreneur is knowing when to delegate

Assigning the labour-intensive task of weeding through resumes and hunting down leads to a staffing agency can free you up for more pressing tasks. This article shows that even larger organisations understand the value of outsourcing their hiring process for both quality and efficiency. 

2. Demand Outweighs Supply

Forbes notes that another reason to work with a staffing agency is supply and demand. If your company enjoys exponential growth over a relatively short-time frame, you may find yourself struggling to fill your newly created vacancies. Internal hires can be helpful initially but should not solely be relied upon, as this will create shortages in other areas of the company.

 A recruitment agency can take the pressure of your internal HR team by sourcing additional candidates from their pool of suitable applicants. Even when you’re not actively hiring, by building a strong relationship with a staffing company, you can ensure that quality candidates are ear-marked for possible future openings within your business.

3. You Have Poor Staff Retention

If your internal hires can’t seem to jump over the probation hurdle, a staffing agency may be the answer. Staffing agencies are experts in assessing candidates to ensure that they meet the client’s (you) needs. With this experience, they often have a more developed sense of the traits you need in a hire to match up with your business needs and expectations. By choosing the right candidate for the role from the get-go, you can avoid spending time and money training candidates that don’t fit with your company values.

4. You’re Looking for Specialised Talent

Throughout the process of growing and expanding your company, you may need to begin hiring for roles that you and your in-house recruitment team are not overly familiar with. Many businesses, for example, eventually require a strong IT team for website maintenance and security. If your HR team isn’t well versed in IT, they may lack the experience to identify the technical skills your candidate will need to thrive in the role. By choosing a recruiting agency with a background in tech, you can take the guesswork out of the process.

The bottom line is: selecting staff with the skill sets and drive to match your business ambitions will lead to lower business costs and higher customer satisfaction. A staffing agency is an effective tool in your arsenal as an entrepreneur to reach that goal.