3 Reasons to Choose Tile Cladding for Your Building Project

More and more, high-end craftsmanship and design has come within the abilities of homeowners. With so many options available and so many innovative ideas becoming a reality, we can achieve more sophisticated results. Particularly because of the knowledge gained from home improvement television shows. But also because of innovation in the production of materials. One of the most elegant ways to enhance your building project is to use tile cladding. Exterior tiles are not new, and neither is building structures from stone. But tile cladding takes these two practices and combines them with the ease of the first, and the look of the second. Here are some of the advantages of using this remarkable material.

  1. Cost: Tile is not a low-cost option, like vinyl siding for example, but it becomes a real money saver when you consider that the effect you are trying to achieve would be much higher if you chose to do it with natural materials. Essentially, cladding tiles for exterior walls mimic the look of stone, and in some cases ceramics and even wood. But masonry work from natural stone is not something that your average contractor can offer. On top of that, the cost of stone products on their own are going to be excessive, especially if you intend to cover the entire building. Tile cladding can give you the look of natural stone, without the exorbitant expense. Another thing to consider is that natural materials are unique and have characteristics that can make matching previous or damaged installations difficult or impossible. But a factory-made product can be reordered when additional product is needed.
  2. Variety: Tile cladding is available today in a wide variety of choices and looks. This is because most often the material is manufactured to a specification. This gives the designer a wide latitude to blend design elements for the entire construction with that of the exterior. That is not something that can be done with river stones for example. Unless you start with the exterior and use that as your design cue. Tile cladding can emulate various rock patterns as well as methods for applications like stacked shale or fitted flagstones.
  3. Look: Tile cladding done right, can bring a sophistication and the look of advanced masonry to a building project at the fraction of the cost. If you are tired of the synthetic materials which are ever-present in mass-produced buildings, popping up all over our cities. Tile cladding is one way to bring attractive and unique qualities to your build and tile cladding can raise your property value as well.

There is a certain property in stone that sets it apart from all others. It seems regal and permanent. Perhaps because we mostly see it now in building with rich histories and ancient designs. Maybe it is because we associate it with castles. If you feel your home is your castle, then it makes sense to give your project the timeless look and feel of stone. Exterior tile cladding can be the right choice to provide this look in an elegant way without paying a king’s ransom.