What’s up it’s your boy tayjones13 and I’ll be doing a review of the Otterbox commuter series for the Torch 9800. OtterBox holds a prestigious name within the phone case society. I love cases and always want the latest and greatest. I bought this when I bought the phone so I would not hurt my new torch. Let’s dive in and I’ll tell you what I think of this case.

This case is great for protection. This case is similar to most slider cases where you have two pieces. You have your back that is a hard plastic with a removable silicone liner. This is to absorb the shock, it seemed to do its job just fine. Then the front is just a plastic liner of the screen to give it lay on the table design. Now that you know how it looks I’ll let you know how effective of a case it was with me.

You can drop it from any reasonable distance and it will absorb the entire blow. Since the front of the torch slides the front casing pops on and off. When it falls the front will most likely pop off so make sure you pick it up. I was in New York and dropped it and I lost my front cover… sad day.

That was actually second one I owned. I was playing tennis with my first one and it fell out of my pocket on my serve and the lip that hooks around the sliding front broke off so the front protection was completely useless. I emailed them about it and within 3 days I had a brand new one in my hand. So it sucked it broke but it was awesome to have such good support with OtterBox.

The only thing I have against this case is the front popping off and the overall size. The torch is a pretty big phone in itself and this case added a lot of bulk. This is a small price you will have to pay if your clumbsy and you don’t want a busted looking Torch

On the pros though, this case can take a beating. The backside is very durable. The front will last a good bit if you don’t drop it too much. It’s not too expensive saying that it is an OtterBox, They are easily found on the internet for around $35.00.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Give us your feedback about the case and what you think. Any questions about this review or theme just post and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

My overall opinion is buy. If you’re not too clumsy and need a durable case that is pretty reliable this is the case for you. I think you will really like this product and won’t regret your purchase.

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