Martha Stewart loves her BlackBerry for e-mails but hates the Q10, calls it the ‘disaster model’

Martha Stewart Q10 Martha Stewart loves her BlackBerry for e mails but hates the Q10, calls it the disaster modelMartha Stewart bashes her BlackBerry Q10 yet uses one for e-mails, as we all know when it comes to e-mails there is no better smartphone than a BlackBerry. Martha is quoted as calling the Q10 the “disaster model”, goes on to say whoever designed it ‘destroyed BlackBerry’, I’m assuming she misses the good ol’ back button.

Check out her rant on the video below when the folks over at Tech Crunch interview her at CES:

Not saying she is credible in any way, but do you all agree with her opinion on the BlackBerry Q10?


  1. John M. author says

    She’s lost. The lady now wears two watches and then it took her a long time to find the pic she wanted. So I’m sure since she says she loves the Samsung device and didn’t know how to get what she wanted faster she has no idea how to “swipe” within the BlackBerry to navigate.

  2. author says

    A NICE PERSON WITH OLD HABIT… IT’S NEVER EASY TO CHANGE … Good things from the past, evolve… she is right but next… There is ton of good new things now

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