Kris here, reporting two days late (sorry) with the exclusive PlayBook unboxing for BBEmpire. We couldn’t leave our readers hanging without any PlayBook action so before class I stopped at my local Best Buy outlet and picked up a 16 GB BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Why I chose a 16 GB over a 32 or 64 GB? Thanks for asking! As a student and WordPress Blogger for our very own BlackBerryEmpire, A lot of word processing, emailing, and messaging goes on. With the upcoming semester scheduled out already, time for games and entertainment will be limited but with whatever enjoyment I come across, I’ll have plenty of space to download as I please.

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On the outside you get a flat-black box with a shiny PlayBook in the center with the Gigabyte size on the bottom right corner.

The first step in getting your new tablet in your hands is looking for the BlackBerry PlayBook logo on the side of the box and either slide it out to left or right.

Once the slide out cover is removed you’ll have to look towards the bottom of the box and carefully break the tape off so you can uncover the lid.

Once removed you are hit with bright blue and more flat-black . The tablet comes inside of a flexible soft BlackBerry sleeve on top of a free screen cleaner and safety and products manuals.

Pulling the PlayBook out of the pouch, the next step is to remove the plastic cover on the screen. If you pay attention to what is painted on the screen, you see fingers with arrows pointing up and down. The bottom swipe brings up your menu and the top swipe gives you easy access to options and settings.

Pictured here is the tablet in the box on a small sized tray/table, trayble? Next to it is the oem sleeve and my PS3 controller. The controller is sized so it can be handheld without trouble. Looking at the PlayBook, it is slightly larger but you still get that effortless handheld feel without the fear of dropping it. The quality of the device feels sturdy and built so you don’t have to worry about it sliding out and off of your hands.

Here is the rear of the PlayBook sporting the 5 mega pixel camera and chrome BlackBerry logo in the center. RIM did a good job on the outer surface by adding a flat soft flat-black plastic back because it decreases the chances of acquiring scratches and scuffs. I still plan on purchasing some sort of case for extra protection but the original back should hold up if you decide not to add any covers to your tablet.

Taken with my Bold 9700 camera, here is the front of the PlayBook ready to be powered up.

With your purchase you get two micro USB chargers. One is wall charger which doesnt fold or detach like the ones packaged in BB6 devices and the other is the micro USB portable PC charger.

Finally we power it on. The familiar black and white boot up screen appears and after about a minute we’ll be up and running.

While booting, colorful spots cross the screen teasing us at what’s coming.

Here is my new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet hooked up to my PC, ready for sync!

The first thing I tried out was the browser with I sure can get used to the way this looks!

This has been my concise unboxing of my retail purchased 16 GB BlackBerry PlayBook. While handling it, I learned a lot and still need to figure out some things so I’ll keep the coverage coming as I go. I’m going to end this unboxing post already and start dissecting the screenshots taken from my PlayBook and share with what I’m seeing and going through. The real fun is yet to come! Stay tuned!