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Android Games For Your BlackBerry Device

For the past year or so, there has been a great deal of attention paid to the idea of BBM rolling out for iOS and Android mobile users. We even wrote this March about the roll-out of BBM Protected to Android and iOS, which essentially provided a gigantic range of users with a new option for secure instant messaging. But among all this talk, there’s been little mention of the fact that BlackBerry devices have also become far more compatible with Android apps, thanks to a deal with Amazon’s Android app store. In fact, even Android apps not available in this store can be converted for use on a BlackBerry 10, as detailed by CNET.

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BBM Users more Loyal than WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat and Twitter

According to data published by Silicon Valley mobile analytics provider, Quettra, BBM has the second highest user retention among 22 Android social and messaging apps tracked by Quettra. They include WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitter and others. As reported by The Information and CNBC, BBM held onto more than 93% of its users after 30 days, more than double the 43% average user retention after 30 days for all apps measured.

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BlackBerry Passport shows amazing battery life and pops up in yet another video

The BlackBerry Passport has not been out of the news much, today makes no exception with another video popping up online in a quick video teaser as well as an image showing the amazing battery life of its 3450mAh battery size. According to Passport’s spec sheet, the device has a battery life target of 19 hours usage + 8 hours standby, seems to be pretty accurate:

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We see great opportunities ahead of us – John Chen

It has been a  little less than a year ago that John Chen took over as CEO of BlackBerry in a time of transition and hardship, Chen has slowly began to restructure the company bringing it back to profitability and renewing BlackBerry’s focus to the enterprise market, in what seems to be the right move. John Chen took some time via an e-mail interview to answer several questions about BlackBerry regaining focus, returning to profitability and more:

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BlackBerry Passport To Eventually Support 4K Video Shooting

Just when you thought the full BlackBerry Passport specs were announced last week, more details showing the Passport supporting 4K video recording. The above image provide by @DHabkirk shows that BlackBerry is currently looking at adding 4K video recording, eventually in and OS update after its initial release.  Here are the current rumored specs for the camera at launch:

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BlackBerry wins another round against Typo Products

While BlackBerry previously won a court case against Typo Products LLC barring sales of their case, that did not stop Typo Products from producing more BlackBerry look alike keyboard cases. Typo sought relief from the injunction because it has introduced a new keyboard, which it argues doesn’t infringe upon BlackBerry’s patents, however in a decision issued Thursday Judge Orrick denied Typo’s motion, ruling that the introduction of a “new keyboard is not grounds for lifting the preliminary injunction.” 

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BBM for Windows Phone private beta now available

  BBM for Windows Phone has entered private beta, we let you know last month that the app would become available this month, BlackBerry has followed through and the app is closer to being available for the Windows platform. If you are currently invited to beta test BBM for Windows Phone you may download it via the Windows Phone Store, however you may have to wait a bit longer if you were not invited to privately beta test. App description:

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Bank of America BlackBerry 10
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Update: Bank of America to release BlackBerry 10 app

UPDATE: The Bank of America app is now live in BlackBerry World. At this time it is only available for the BlackBerry Z3, Z10, and Z30 devices. Hopefully the Q devices will get the app soon. If Bank of America is your bank you can grab the app here. Bank of America will be releasing a BlackBerry 10 app, our sources say by tomorrow, the app will include all mobile features except mobile check deposits, such a big feature, hope they bring it in eventually.

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