BBM for Windows Phone private beta now available


  BBM for Windows Phone has entered private beta, we let you know last month that the app would become available this month, BlackBerry has followed through and the app is closer to being available for the Windows platform. If you are currently invited to beta test BBM for Windows Phone you may download it via […]

Hands on with the BlackBerry Z5 codename “Cappuccino”

BlackBerry Z5

BlackBerry Z5 and Kopi have been scrapped from BlackBerry’s roadmap but here we have what would of been the BlackBerry Z5 “Cappuccino/Cafe” or “C-Series”. With BlackBerry’s earnings call announcing the BlackBerry Passport and the confirmed release date for the BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry has decided not to move forward with the low-end Z30 device.

New Beta of the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps Now Available

Android Apps

The Android Runtime has been upgraded from Jelly Bean 4.2.2 to 4.3, the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps is to enhance the overall compatibility of the runtime and add support for many highly requested features and APIs. The latest BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps, which is now available as part of the BlackBerry 10.3 SDK beta, […]

BlackBerry Blend Beta images appear in latest BlackBerry OS 10.3 leak


We’ve briefly discussed BlackBerry Fuse a couple of months ago, now BlackBerry Blend has made an appearance extracted from the 10.3 OS that we reported on yesterday. BlackBerry Blend is basically BlackBerry’s way of taking screen input from your BlackBerry smartphone screen to a larger tablet, TV, monitor screen. The feature is now in Beta and set to […]

BlackBerry 10.3 Images Leaked, Sporting New Features, UI, Intelligent Assistant and More!

10.3 leak

BlackBerry 10.3 images running OS have leaked online, sporting a few major changes and new features, we do see a couple of neat UI tweaks as well. Couple of new features to note are in the settings menu, showing “lift to wake device” and “face down for battery save”. Looks like BlackBerry is attacking […]