Why Bringing Back The ‘Tool Belt’ Might Just Work For BlackBerry

BlackBerry Trackpad

I think we can all agree that today’s BlackBerry Q20 announcement was a bit of a shocker. After putting so much time, effort, and money into bringing BlackBerry up-to-speed with the rest of the smartphone industry, bringing back the ‘tool belt’ of function keys has struck some folks as a step backwards. But after giving […]

Review: Noreve Tradition Leather Flip Case For BlackBerry Z30

Noreve BlackBerry Z30 case

Phone cases often try to strike a good balance between functionality and style. On first glance, Noreve’s leather flip case for the BlackBerry Z30 tries to be more of the latter than the former. But can it live up to the company’s promise of “functional luxury”? Let’s have a closer look and find out.

How To Sideload Google Play Client Snap For Android Apps On BlackBerry 10


With the launch of OS 10.2.1, BlackBerry brought the ability to install Android apps straight from the device. However, many in the community wanted to go a step further with access to Google Play — enter Snap. Snap is a native BlackBerry 10 application which allows you to download free and previously purchased apps from […]

[REVIEW] The BlackBerry Z30: BlackBerry’s Latest and Greatest Smartphone

BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry 10 may well be a very young OS, but a whole lot has happened to it in the last ten months. We’ve seen four OS updates roll out, and now we have a new flagship device – the Z30. So, let’s have a look and see if this phone has what it takes to […]

Review: WirelessEmporium.com

Screenshot 2013-10-28 18.58.32

Normally on BlackBerry Empire, we deal with product reviews – devices and accessories, to be precise. But you have to buy these things from somewhere too, so when I was asked to review the shopping experience at Wireless Emporium, I figured this would be something useful for you, our readers.