Video: BBM On Android – First Look

Android BBM 580x341 Video: BBM On Android   First Look

Here we have the first look of BBM on Android, running a beta version of BlackBerry Messenger. JT from over at BlackBerryOS gives us a quick run down of what we should be seeing in the next week or so (hopefully, maybe two weeks).

This is BBM on an Android HTC First low-end device. Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

 Video: BBM On Android   First Look
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 Video: BBM On Android   First Look


  1. Waka says

    It is still a bit jittery when menus are sliding over. Hopefully these little stuff can be smoothened out before launch. Granted, it is on a low end device, so might just let it slide. Michael, theoretically, it should perform better on higher end android flagships with monster specs right? Another thing, how did they bring about the Cascades effect into android? I hope that is not what is making this app stutter a bit and also cause the app to be too big in size. Your thoughts?

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