Go Reader updated to v1.1.5

Go Reader is a Google Reader™ client that allows you to read your Google Reader™ subscriptions on your BlackBerry® device everywhere you go. Go Reader always stays fully synchronized to your Google Reader™ account. Reading your Google Reader™ articles on the BlackBerry® has never been so easy. Features: • Supports multiple accounts • Access your […]

Orange Releases “Book Club App” for BlackBerry and More


Reading around earlier, Orange has recently launched the “Orange Book Club App”, which is its very own e-reader application. The Orange Book Club App is designed to work for Android, Blackberry, and Symbian devices. Stuart Jackson, Brand Communications Director at Orange, said: “The new Orange Book Club app gives readers a truly 21st century book-buying experience. […]

Video Review -XIMAD Jokes For ALL Occasions


Hello to the community!!! It’s a beautiful day in Pensacola, Florida and I want to make sure you can have as good a day that I am. The only way for me to do so is by sending you to our Youtube channel for an interesting set of videos by XIMAD Inc. They write awesome […]

BBE Presents:News Feeds (Native RSS Reader) Video Review

blackberry native news feeds review

Earlier this week RIM released their latest native app, News Feeds RSS Reader. They even made the app available at the App World for you to download. Reading, searching, and sharing news is incredible with RIM’s new app. Let’s block all of the Viigo talk for now, and learn about the new BlackBerry News Feeds app. […]

T-Mobile Gets Curve 3G


Hello members and readers, in recent news, the Curve 9300 aka Curve 3G has been announced by RIM for release on select carriers. We now know that T-Mobile will be getting it. The main issue that I want to address is, why now? I mean, everyone wanted a Curve 8900 with a 3G radio but […]

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Set to Launch soon by T-Mobile

3g curve 9300

Earlier today RIM sent out a press release where they have confirmed the new unannounced BlackBerry that surfaced the web a few months ago. The 9300  will be a member of the Curve line, and will also rep the 3G title. The BlackBerry 9300 should have Curve enthusiast happy because the sporty new BlackBerry has wi-fi along along with […]

No CNN, It’s Not an App Race!

cnn money article

A few days ago while briefing through CNNMoney I saw an article that really got me going. In that article they claim the biggest problem BlackBerry is going to face in world of smartphone competition is the “App Race.” Now don’t get me wrong, having an extensive collection of useful apps in the App World is a contributing factor in the […]

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Apps Now Available- OS6 Support!

Task Manager

RIM just announced the release of the brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and it’s expected to launch very soon on AT&T and other network carriers soon to be announced. S4BB has introduced only five of their applications that are compatible with that brand new touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard device known as the Torch. Let’s […]

BlackBerry 6 Java SDK for Developers Now Released by Rim


The anticipated announcement has been made now. RIM  has finally released the BlackBerry 6 Java SDK to developers. This will assist in the creation of apps for BlackBerry 6. They are going with the term, “web application development platform”, so developers be prepared for a new app development experience. The new sdk will make it easier to build apps. If you have the […]

Research in Motion Press Release for BB6/0S6

   Click here to view in mobile   Earlier today we got official announcement from RIM and AT&T concerning the BlackBerry Torch 9800. Many were unsure as to the name of the device,but we now know that the slider term has been ditched and Torch is now official. Another official name we also know about is BlackBerry 6, or OS6. This […]

BlackBerry Saves Opening Night for Las Vegas Nightclub


This story really caught my attention as well as the attention of RIM because they have put this article up under their newsletter section. In case you have yet to hear the story, here goes. The headline sort of gives the main idea away, “BlackBerry Messenger Saves Opening Night at Las Vegas Nightclub”, but let […]