BlackBerry Opens First Asian Lifestyle Shop in Bangkok

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According to reports, RIM has opened up its first Asian Lifestyle Shop in Bangkok. Through a partnership with Jay Mart, the SET-listed mobile phone dealer, the 20-million-baht BlackBerry lifestyle store will feature more than 60 BlackBerry devices including PlayBook tablets and accessories. Continue reading for details.

Earthquake Call Fail: BlackBerry Messenger Beats the Phone Carriers


BlackBerry e-mail messages were delivered as usual after an earthquake struck Virginia today while calls failed, a potential boon to manufacturer Research In Motion. as it tries to win back lost market share. “RIM certainly has a reputation for being reliable when it comes to messaging and being secure and that’s what they’ve built their […]

Hey RIM, Some Advertising Wouldn’t Hurt

I am a diehard RIM fan as much as anybody that comes to read about BlackBerry news on our site. However, one of the reasons why RIM is on the verge of losing it all long with valuable market share is their failure to advertise. RIM has long been a valuable asset, even today to ITs’ […]

FTC To Review AT&T and T-Mobile USA Merge


The only thing stopping the AT&T and T-Mobile USA merge is Uncle Sam, sort of.  Its been reported that AT&T currently has approximately 95 million customers, and T-Mobile holds approximately 34 million. If the merge were to happen, AT&T’s market share will go up to approximately 37%. The Free Trade Commission will first have to review […]

LiveProfile for BlackBerry is almost here!

“The highly anticipated LiveProfile BlackBerry app is almost here! We know how bad you want it and trust me we hear you. We intended on releasing it last week but encountered a few last minute bugs which affected connectivity. If your BlackBerry was out of service for extended periods of time LiveProfile would fail to reconnect without […]

How About A Verizon BlackBerry PlayBook?


A new carrier has been added to the list of BlackBerry PlayBook vendors. According to reports, the PlayBook may possibly make its way into Verizon outlets soon. N4bb spotted the scoop and has provided us with their source. A website called has surfaced, which apparently held registration for beta testing the BlackBerry PlayBook on Verizon. Registration has […]

Android Attacking RIM, Closing in on BlackBerry’s Market Share

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Google’s Android gains are nothing but a headache for Research In Motion (RIM) and their BlackBerry platform. With every Market share point Android gains, BlackBerry or iPhone loses. ComScore reported its December mobile market share figures Monday and we’ll let the chart do the talking. As you can see, RIM’s market share losses appear to be […]

BlackBerry still leads in smart-phone market


With all the hype surrounding Apple’s iPhone 4 launch, it’s easy to forget that RIM’s BlackBerry still has the largest share of the US smartphone market. Apple made a big deal about selling 1.7 million iPhone 4′s in 3 days, but RIM still beats them in marketshare. RIM has about 35% of the US smartphone market while Apple comes […]