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RIM Holds BlackBerry Job Fair, Set to Hire 600 New Employees

It looks like the hiring freeze at RIM has come to a halt as the company has announced they are seeking to hire around 600 new employees. According to Ali Rajah, RIM’s global talent acquisition leader, RIM is looking to hire in fields such as software development and testing, hardware engineering and technical support. The majority of the positions come from Waterloo, Ont. (headquarters), with some openings based in Mississauga, Ont. The technology business is cyclical,” said Rajah. “RIM is growing considerably — few companies are growing at the same rate. We’re looking for talent, fresh ideas and innovative people to address that growth.”

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Monster Jobs App Now Available for BlackBerry Devices

Find the Right Job with’s Magic Search technology now on your BlackBerry® smartphone. You can search for the right job on your smartphone and receive real time job alerts on the go. Not only this, you can also apply to jobs using your mobile with ease. Stay connected with job opportunities customized to your career growth. Get it via App World. Check out Monster Jobs Employer app as well here.

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Why RIM is Not Apple

Until the recent addition of several contenders, us BlackBerry fans have almost always seen the smartphone fight as being that of Apple versus BlackBerry. Today the BBE Staff was right on top of the Boy Genius Report publishing an open letter to RIM sent to them by a verified RIM employee. This employee was clearly upset with the way things have been going over the past year or so over at headquarters. As an active member of ther community I know we have all been discussing this among ourselves for what seems like an eternity now, and yet we have nothing to show for it. This author, however, finds it really strange how most people still continue to put Apple on top and every other smartphone below the mobile giant. Stumbling on an interestingly “timed” article this morning it got me thinking – RIM is almost exactly like Apple in terms of corporate woe, yet they are almost nothing alike in the mobile space.

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