How-to pull APK files from Google Play Store


With BlackBerry 10.2.1 allowing you to install APK files directly from your phone, I decided to put together a how-to on pulling apks using the APK Downloader which could be done on any browser, device or desktop. There may be many several different ways to pull apks or simply download them from another site that […]

How-To Install Android Apps On BlackBerry 10.2 WITHOUT Debug Token – Instagram, Vine, Spotify Confirmed Working


Ok, first off this is for users running BlackBerry OS 10.2 as I am running OS, we have helped several users install Android apps on their BlackBerry 10 device via this simplified tutorial where a debug token was needed, this how-to will be pretty much straight forward as no debug token or apk converting would […]

Simplified Tutorial To Run/Install Android 2.3.3 Apps On BlackBerry 10 (Windows/Mac)


Here we have a simplified method on installing almost every Android 2.3.3 app on your BlackBerry 10 device, the tutorial is provided by Sacha. We posted a bit of a more complex tutorial a few days ago, this walk through will be a lot easier and support Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems. To get started:

How-To Run Almost Any Android 2.3.3 app on BlackBerry 10


Here we have a method that will allow BlackBerry 10 users running 10.1 OS the ability to run almost any Android 2.3.3 app on your BlackBerry 10 device. xsacha provides us with a step-by-step guide that could help us accomplish an app gap on Android ported apps, allowing us to install some apps currently not compatible. Check […]

How-To Remove Users From Showing Up In BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Updates On BlackBerry 10


If you’re like me all those BlackBerry Messenger updates that show up within the app are driving you crazy. I mean the ones where people change their display picture or add a new message in their profile and then it’s shows as a update on your end too. In the legacy BlackBerry devices they were […]

Have a New BlackBerry Z10? Checkout The Device Switch Offical How To Video


If you just picked up your new BlackBerry Z10 then I’m sure you want to make sure all the important information you have on your older BlackBerry makes it over to your new Z10, well here’s the perfect video for you to make this easy. This is the official How-To video from BlackBerry on how […]

How To Import Outlook Contacts and Calendar Appointments using BlackBerry Link 1.0.1 for Windows


With the latest update of BlackBerry Link the ability to sync your Outlook contacts and calendar appointments imported from your BlackBerry 10 device was added (one-way sync). Ty from over at the BlackBerry Help Blog walks us through the process and also notes two-way syncing will be added in an upcoming version of BlackBerry Link. […]