Your Data or Your Life: Protect Your BlackBerry Against Hackers, Theft


Your BlackBerry device is more than just a phone. It’s akin to a mini-computer that contains vital information and sensitive data that could cause you a world of woes in the hands of hackers and thieves. Keep your smartphone data safe, secure and untouchable by treating your BlackBerry. Even the newest smartphones can have minor vulnerabilities, but […]

First 10 Hours With A BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Device


Weeks before the launch, I reserved my Z10 with Rogers.  I logged into their website and made sure that I had Black version set aside.  I figured that I had nothing to worry about.  Well I was wrong.  February 5th, 2013 came along and by 9 AM I was texting my local rep to make […]

RIMM’s Wild Ride: Time to Jump Off?

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (Nasdaq:RIMM, TSX:RIM) has definitely seen its share price in motion through the past couple of years.  That share price has nearly tripled in the past four months, but is this more “irrational exuberance”?  Or did that September low of $6.18/share put an unreasonably low value on the company? Disclaimer: yes, […]

Should We Get Excited About BlackBerry 10?


Pixelcarve, a boutique Interactive Digital Agency focused on providing preeminent Ideas, Strategy, Creative and Production services to premium and luxury brands, released images of an ad for the BlackBerry Blade back in March.  The BlackBerry Blade was a concept design showing the love that Pixelcarve has for BlackBerry, and how this love could be shown and […]

BBX Will Succeed: If RIM Markets it Properly

bbx blackberry x

  As all PlayBook users already know, RIM’s QNX based operating system is superb aside from the few missing features that RIM is known for.  We all know that RIM will not release any phone ever without proper email, calendar, and BBM.  Blogs that have posted otherwise are just trying to start controversy because apparently RIM […]

What Are We Going to do Next?


Mobile devices have opened doors to many changes in technology. They’ve opened our hearts and minds to new frontiers and changed the way we communicate. With our mobile devices we can talk; talking is the most important form of communication within each device. Mobile devices allows us to save/secure very important data; BlackBerry’s have secure […]

Editorial: A Tale of Two Tablets

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It’s PB-Day +2 and business wire is quite silent this morning. The speculations have been exhausted. The attack on your local retail stores, probably never happened. And you’re probably reading this on your laptop because you haven’t purchased a PlayBook yet. Not saying you won’t, but you’re probably going to wait it out a while […]

Editorial: Verizon iPhone 4 Thoughts

VZW: Lowell Macadam | Apple: Tim Cook

Let me apologize.  I know, this is a BlackBerry enthusiast site.  However, it is news worthy, there are a lot of customers unsatisfied with their existing smartphone, be it an Android, BlackBerry, or other device.  Even if I was an iPhone kinda person, I still wouldn’t run out and get this on release day, and […]