Winner Announced: Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 Exclusively from BlackBerry Empire


With the great feedback we received on our first #BBEHoliday giveaway involving a Z30 we decided to run a second and give another BlackBerry Empire reader the chance to kick off the new year with a new BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3.  Before the winner is announced I’d like to thank all the participants and BlackBerry for […]

Full OS autoloader for BlackBerry Z10 & Z30


As I’m sure you all know earlier this week OS version leaked for the BlackBerry Q5, Q10, and Z10 STL100-1 devices but we never saw it for the rest of the Z10 models or the Z30. Well with the SDK OS that was just released we now have full autoloaders for those devices […]

More Images Of Porsche Design BlackBerry Z10 Leak, Q10 Version A Possibility

Porsche Design BlackBerry Z10

Not long after we saw the battery door of what seemed like a Porsche Design BlackBerry 10 device, some more images of the device have made their way out. These images seem to further suggest that it is Z10-based, and the source even claims a Q10-based version is also in the works.

Leaked: OS v10.2.0.810 for BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2, STL100-3, and STL100-4


Here’s something for all of you with a BlackBerry Z10 to play with, OS version has been leaked by Adam Szucs (as well as the rest of the leak team) over in the CB Forums. This OS is only for the Z10 models STL100-2, STL100-3, and STL100-4. This is a full auto loader for […]

Seidio Prime Power Case for the BlackBerry Z10


If you’re like me and you love your Z10, the perfect way to treat it is with this beautifully made case by Seidio. The Prime Power Case combines the best of protection and battery power, without adding the bulk that comes along with these types of cases. Frankly, When I felt the weight of the […]

Leaked: OS v10.1.0.4561 For BlackBerry Z10, Q10, And Q5


Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Well flexNinja and DarcyTallGuy over in the CB forums have just posted some leaked OS’s for the BlackBerry Q10, Q5, as well as the Z10 (sorry Z10 STL100-1 this isn’t for you). This is OS version which is a full autoloader for the Q10 and […]

AT&T Finally Rolling Out OS 10.1 For BlackBerry Z10


If you are with AT&T and have a BlackBerry Z10 that is still waiting on a 10.1 OS then it looks like today is finally the day. It appears that AT&T has finally started rolling out (again) OS through OTA as well as BlackBerry Link. To check for this update on your device just […]

Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z10


For all of you that have been waiting on a 10.2 OS to leak then time to fire up your desktop systems because Kris in the CB Forums has posted one. This is OS and will be for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 (sorry STL100-1 users it appears to not work on your device). […]

Leaked Full OS For BlackBerry Z10 and Q10


After a seemingly-long hiatus, the BlackBerry 10 community is being treated to another OS leak, numbered By all accounts this leak appears to be the maintenance release of OS 10.1 mentioned some time ago by BlackBerry, and luckily there’s a version available for both the Z10 (including STL100-1) and the Q10.