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First Look At BlackBerry Link v1.2

As BlackBerry 10.2 is set to launch so is a newer version of BlackBerry Link v1.2. While BlackBerry Link isn’t the best piece of software ever built by BlackBerry it is very useful and needed on several different occasions. BlackBerry Link 1.2 is set to bring a more reliable/faster improvement to backups, syncing and it’s normal usage. The updated software pretty much brings fixes all around from remote access, synchronizing and much more, not to mention to UI is a bit different/updated as well. Check out the rest of the images of BlackBerry Link 1.2:

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How To Import Outlook Contacts and Calendar Appointments using BlackBerry Link 1.0.1 for Windows

With the latest update of BlackBerry Link the ability to sync your Outlook contacts and calendar appointments imported from your BlackBerry 10 device was added (one-way sync). Ty from over at the BlackBerry Help Blog walks us through the process and also notes two-way syncing will be added in an upcoming version of BlackBerry Link.  Check out his official guide:

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Windows/Mac Software

BlackBerry Link Updated To v1.0.1.12 (Windows OS) With Outlook Sync Support!

  Great news for BlackBerry 10 users as BlackBerry Link (formerly known as Desktop Manager/Software) has updated to version for Windows OS and it has Outlook sync support! We had previously let you know that this capability would come soon via an update, sure enough BlackBerry has delivered. BlackBerry Link v1.0.1 lets you import contacts and calendar appointments from Microsoft Outlook to

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