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“Today was a good day” A summary of what to expect from BlackBerry for the rest of this year

Yesterday was a big day for BlackBerry, not only did the company post some pretty sweet financial results in which sent the stocks as high as 14%, John Chen and his team laid out some pretty cool information for fans and bloggers to be excited for. You can pretty much (for now) expect news coming from the company each month (apart from August and October) until the end of this year, including devices, events and services. 

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Download BlackBerry OS for ALL BlackBerry 10 devices

BlackBerry 10 OS has been extracted from T-Mobile’s earlier roll out for their BlackBerry 10 devices, which is software version and OS Thurask has just informed us of his autoloader links now being available for those of us not on T-Mobile but want to load this version on our devices. These are regular autoloaders so load them just as you have in the past.

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Tap in to a Tims – BlackBerry teams up with Joffrey Lupul and Tim Hortons

Canadian icon and Toronto Maple Leafs winger & alternate captain, Joffrey Lupul, popped in to a Tim Hortons today to show off the new TimmyMe app for BlackBerry 10 and to show his support for the BlackBerry  platform by buying patrons a coffee using the app compliments of BlackBerry.  We first heard of this partnership back in June of 2013 when Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment announced BlackBerry would be the Official Mobile Computing Partner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Marlies, enabling the teams to connect with fans and foster real-time engagement experiences by sharing information and updates through new platforms and a BBM Channel. Hit the break for more pictures and information about the event. 

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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of BlackBerry 10

Today marks the one year anniversary of the incredible BlackBerry 10 launch, the OS BlackBerry planned to dominate the mobile computing market. A lot has happened and changed since then, many readers have spoken and said OS 10.2.1 should of been the launch OS as users are finally happy that the app gap has closed for the most part with the ability to run Android apps and install APKs straight from device.

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HUB ++ LED Disco Edition updated for BlackBerry 10 devices – Now supports Headless Mode

We have some great news for all you folks that use HUB ++ LED Disco Edition on your BlackBerry 10 device to control the LED’s for incoming messages, the app is now able to run in Headless Mode. For any of you that aren’t sure what “Headless Mode” means let me give you a quick rundown. It means the app no longer needs to stay open in the active frame to run and it will also restart all by itself after a reboot. This has to be the most sought after feature since BlackBerry 10 was first released and it’s great to see it on HUB ++ LED Disco Edition.

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iGrann Beta 4 (Instagram client) now available for download on BlackBerry 10 devices

For all you folks that have been using the Instagram client app iGrann on your BlackBerry 10 device we want to let you know there is a new beta update waiting for you. This is the forth beta version of the app and as with the last few versions of iGrann this is a bar file so you will need to sideload it. This is a major update and the developer has included a change log which you can check out below.

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Check out Color LED from Toysoft Development – First LED app with Headless Mode

Here’s some great news for all you folks that use an app to control your LED’s for incoming messages. The developer from Toysoft Development has just released the first LED headless mode app called Color LED for BlackBerry 10 devices. That’s right folks it is a truly long running headless LED app that can control almost all of your incoming messages LED’s and ringtones. That means no more active frame or having to remember to launch the app after a reboot.

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Snap updated to v1.9.6.0 – Now with a “Google Play Library” plus so much more

For any of you that have the latest leaked OS on your BlackBerry 10 device and have been loading APK files through the app Snap we want to let you know there is an update available for you. This latest update brings the app to version and is still in a beta stage so download at your own risk. I personally have been using the app though and have no issues at all.

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Check out Profile Changer Pro from Toysoft Development – His second app to support Headless Mode

As many of you may have seen from our post last week Toysoft Development released his first app that could run in headless mode called Wallpaper Changer for BlackBerry 10 devices. Well the developer is still hard at work because he has now released his Profile Changer Pro app that also runs in headless mode. For any of you that may not know what I mean by headless mode, it basically allows the app to run in the background with no active frame and it will also start up by itself when the device is restarted for any reason. 

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