Disney Villians and Paul Frank sticker packs now available for purchase in BBM Shop


Here’s a little something for any of you that like the sticker packs being offered from BlackBerry and the BBM Shop, they have just released two new packs. The first one is from Disney and are some of the Disney Villians, and the second are Paul Frank stickers. Looks like both packs contain 20 different […]

BBM for Windows Phone introduces a fresh, new native look and feel


Other than knowing BBM for Windows Phone was official and would be arriving sometime this summer, we didn’t really know much about the release – until now. Jeff Gadway, Head of Product and Marketing at BlackBerry, gives us an insight on BBM for Windows Phone, including how it will look, which features WP users will […]

BBM for Windows Phone private beta now available


  BBM for Windows Phone has entered private beta, we let you know last month that the app would become available this month, BlackBerry has followed through and the app is closer to being available for the Windows platform. If you are currently invited to beta test BBM for Windows Phone you may download it via […]