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Vivint Home Security APK for BlackBerry 10

For those of you that have taken the leap and invested in a home security system, particularly Vivint, this post is for you. Recently, I’ve taken the initiative to install this home security system and was attracted to the fact that they supported BlackBerry 10. Or at least that is what I was lead to believe. Well, it turns out that they support legacy devices, which is cool, but very disappointing. Lucky for me, I found the APK!

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How-To Get Viber Working On BlackBerry 10

We will be explaining how to get Viber working on your BlackBerry 10 devices (for those who can’t wait for official app). With the guide published yesterday, how to run most Android 2.3.3 apps on your BlackBerry 10 devices this method has been confirmed to work for Viber. This is an Android ported app, most Viber features are working but not all. To get Viber on your BlackBerry 10 device:

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What The Unity Cross Platform Development Partnership Means For BlackBerry

Yesterday, it was officially announced that Unity Technologies, developers of the Unity gaming engine, will be extending an open beta for their cross platform development tools to the BlackBerry 10 OS. As a matter of fact, BlackBerry 10 developers will get first access to this open beta. This is groundbreaking news, since BlackBerry has been under the microscope lately with arguments stemming from the operating system’s lack of applications. 

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BlackBerry Usage Share Doubles

A lot of scrutiny has attributed to huge volatility in shares of BlackBerry, which have caused stock holders and die hard hopefuls to sometimes go as far as to doubt the company and their performance. A report published today by Chitika, an advertising firm based out of Massachusetts, showed how BlackBerry is making all the right moves in the smartphone market. After launching in the US, a lot of questions arose from several bears and shorts on Wall Street that concerned themselves with the successes and failures of the new BlackBerry 10 platform. 

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aCar – The Perfect Car Management App

BlackBerry World has been ripping at the seams with all these new apps emerging in the past month or so since the launch of BB10. ZoneWalker has brought their app – aCar, an application that has come off of a very successful run in the Google Play store – to BlackBerry World.  Overall this app is a car aficionado’s best friend. Simply put, it can itemize every aspect of your vehicle’s life – all the way down to predicting your trip expenses and future fill ups. To read the detailed review hit the break…

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