BlackBerry 10 Launches with 70,000 Apps – More than any First Generation Operating System


In today’s mobile computing world, Apps seem to be one of the main considerations for choosing a platform.  It’s certainly one of the things that competitors and critics often boast about when comparing themselves to RIM (or effectively today, BlackBerry).  With the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform, Apps should no longer be a concern. […]

Note to Android Devs – Submit your Android App to AppWorld by Feb 13 and get a free Playbook


[blackbirdpie url="!/asaunders/status/165097598624075777"] Alec Saunders from RIM has let us know via tweet that devs who submit their Android apps into the BlackBerry App World are eligible to receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook if submitted by Feb. 13th. Head here for everything you need to know in order to get your app submitted so that you can […]

Wikipedia Mobile Gets Ported to BlackBerry PlayBook


[blackbirdpie url="!/gordtanner/status/161919035343257600"] Using Webworks, Mr. Gord Tanner was able to port Wikipedia Mobile to the  BlackBerry PlayBook. You can check out the entire process and build it yourself. Wikimedia Mobile responded to Mr. Tanner and are wroking to merge the code into the Wikipedia branch and getting it into AppWorld as quickly as possible. This is pretty good news […]

FileScout & FileScoutLite Updates to v2.8.0.1 With No ZIP Limitations

FileScout FileScout Lite

FileScout & FileScoutLie update to version What’s Changed FileScout & FileScoutLite ZIP-file handing have been re-written With the new v2.8.0.1 build there should be no limitation concerning the file size of ZIP-Archives that you could browse or de-compress with FileScout (or FileScoutLite). When you unzip a large (e.g. 100MB+) archive, please have in mind […]

App World updated to v3.0.1.20 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

App World Now Available App World is now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone and includes many important bug fixes that were reported in external beta. A list of the important fixed issues are as follows: – Performance and speed enhancements across all BlackBerry devices – Multiple translation/localization errors – Multiple instances of UI […]

Full Review: 10000+ Best Wallpapers for BlackBerry

category BBE

Tired of feeling like your background isn’t matching you or going through lists of endless websites just to look for one wallpaper that matches with who you are and what you’re feeling? Well an incredible developer, TrustBe , has finally created a solution for BlackBerry users. 10000+ Best Wallpapers for BlackBerry allows users to have […]

FileScout – the complete File Text Zip and Image Manager updated to v2.7.11

2011/09/06 – FileScout Maintenance Release Quick OTA-Update Link Update your existing FileScout installation via AppWorld Update your existing FileScout installation OTA If you are using the FileScout Dropbox Plugin you should check that you have the latest Version (v1. installed update your existing FileScout Dropbox Plugin OTA It’s recommend to updated the Plugin first […]

Make and Receive Phone Calls With Comwave ePhone for BlackBerry PlayBook!


Finally an app transforms the BlackBerry PlayBook into a fully functional telephone! A leading VoIP home phone and long distance provider, Comwave,  has completed a BlackBerry PlayBook app for their new ePhone product. The app, Comwave ePhone, is currently the only app for the PlayBook which allows users to make and receive phone calls from anywhere they want, just like […]