The time has come to put BBE’s Slacker Radio Plus Contest to an end. Slacker has provided the oppurtunity for members to win 1

of 5 Slacker Radio Plus subscriptions, so check the list to see if your name was selected. The way the winners were selected depended upon the good ‘ol  “drawn from the hat” pool. It is pretty reliable in the sense of giving every participant a chance to win fairly.

The BBE crew enjoyed reading everyones comments and everyones preffered taste in music. Rap & Hiphop along with Country seemed to be the mode of preffered music. I saw artists ranging from Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige to George Strait. Another genre that got a few of the votes falls under the Rock category. From Classical to Metal, artists such as The Eagles and Marilyn Manson. Pretty good stuff from everyone. As for me, my favorite stations include any bands off of Epitaph and Hellcat Records. Check the list below to see if your name has been selected. Thanks for participating!

Winners (in selection order)

  • #3- Chris Allen
  • #9- Alicia
  • # 5- el Jesson
  • #4- Roxy
  • #10- ninjasteeze

BBE would like to take the oppurtunity to congratulate the 5 winners of our Slacker Radio Plus Contest

A special thanks to Slacker for making this happen, and thanks to all who participated in this great contest.